5 Beauty Hacks Using Lemons

While my favorite thing to do with lemon is to have it with some tequila :p , a close second would be using it for some very effective beauty hacks. A few months back my skin was in a very bad shape and I knew I had to start taking care of it. I obviously added some new products in my skin care routine but I find nothing beats the good old home remedies plus it saves a whole lot of bucks that I can use to buy something else from my wishlist :p. The ubtan is like the standard bridal skin care remedy but there are alot of other ingredients in your kitchen that will give you spa like results . Lemon is one ingredient that has always worked really well for me so obviously  when my skin needed some TLC, the first thing I grabbed from my kitchen was the tiny yellow ball filled with vitamins and minerals.


The little lemon can do a lot of good but here are my five favorite hacks using it 🙂

  • The Detox: For that natural glow, you need to be as healthy as you can be from inside. The only way to ensure that is to eat healthy and detox once in a while. One of the habits that helps me to keep my detox in check is to have lemon juice mixed in lukewarm water on an empty stomach so I usually have it early morning as soon as I wake up. Some people add honey to this but I do not like the taste of honey so I skip it….you can if you want 🙂
  • The Scrub: Lemon has natural bleaching properties which makes it the perfect de-tanning scrub. I like to mix it with a little bit of sugar and use the lemon as a sort of applicator to exfoliate the skin. Another thing I do is ground the sugar a little to ensure that the sugar granules are not too harsh on the skin. This is particularly effective on the stubborn tan that develops over the summers and also those pesky dark spots you have around the elbow area.


  • The Deep Conditioning Treatment for Hair: I have suffered from severe dandruff issues for as long as I can remember and this has been something that works for me really well. I heat a little bit of mustard oil, mix it with lemon, massage the same to my scalp and leave it overnight. Lemon helps in countering the heavy smell of mustard oil, helps with the dandruff and add shine to my hair. If you are not particularly fond of mustard oil, you can add it to any base oil you like.
  • The Pick Me Up for Your Skin: I have a very demanding job that leaves my skin looking dull and lifeless by the time I reach home. I am kind of sure that the same is going to happen till the time I get married so I always rely on this quick home remedy that leaves my skin looking refreshed. You need equal quantities of lemon juice and rose-water, a cotton ball and a clean face. Apply the rose-water and lemon mixture with the cotton all over your face, make sure you are a little carefully around the eye area and let it dry. You will feel a little bit of stinging sensation which is the sign of lemon working on your skin and you can wash it of as soon as the stinging sensation subsides. Obviously if the stinging sensation is a bit to much then you should wash it off immediately.
  • The Nail Treatment: Nails are one thing that I usually ignore but I have learned that a brides hands need to look as pretty as everything else so I started putting in a little bit of effort towards them as well. One of the most effective remedies I have come across is mixing baking soda with lemon juice and using a toothbrush to scrub the nails with the same. This leaves your nails looking clean, removes any yellow tinge and makes them stronger. The only thing to ensure is that you moisturize you hand really well after this because this remedy tends to dry out your cuticles.

I have incorporated all these remedies in my skin and hair care for the past few months and I can vouch for each of them to show results. But before you try any of these remedies, a word of caution is that lemon is a pretty strong ingredient so you need to do a patch test….Do a patch test in general for anything new that you incorporate in your beauty regime because you don’t want to end with some kind of a reaction before your D-Day. If you have sensitive skin…stay away from lemons…they are not your friends  🙁