5 Beauty Hacks Using Aloe Vera

So as I mentioned in my last 5 beauty hacks post, I love using au naturale products for skin care as nothing beats the goodness of a good home remedy. Another amazing product that I discovered a few months back that has like a zillion beauty related benefits is the spicky thing called Aloe Vera which was growing right next to the mini herb garden my mommy is into these days.


I knew aloe vera had a lot of benefits in terms of skin care but after a little bit of research and after asking alot of questions from my home remedy expert aka nani, I tried a couple of really simple beauty hacks that gave such amazing results that I knew I had to share them with you.

The Internal Cleanse: So yes…every beauty hack begins with the internal cleanse thing because if you are clean and healthy inside…it radiates outside automatically…kind of a no brainer. So what I like to do is take the huge stem of aloe vera and cut a small piece from it, scoop out the gel , mix it with a little bit of water and drink on an empty stomach. This will not be a pleasant experience as the gel is slimy and pretty disgusting in texture to be honest but then again…no pain no gain ladies . You will be able to see the difference in your skin within like 10 days…yes it is that effective.

The Simple Gel Face Mask: Well after you have drunk the majority portion of the gel you still have some left on the cover of the plant, do not throw that away and use that as a quick gel face mask. Let it sit on your skin till it has dried of completely and wash of using cold water. This helps in acne control and also lightens any marks that those pesky acne breakouts left on your skin. The more stubborn ones will take a little while to vanish but you will start noticing the difference in your skin within two weeks.This also cures the problem of dry patches that we face very often during change of season.

The Gel Hair Conditioner: This one was suggested by my nani dearest and I have to say this has been one of my favorite beauty hack using aloe vera since I have tried it. I have really thin, frizzy and lifeless mane and half my time goes into making it look voluminous and shiny. Aloe vera did not really help me in the first department but when it comes shine and frizz control, well it can give any conditioner a run for its money. This beauty hack is a little messy but once you because the gel being the little bugger it is slips out of your hands. Depending on the length of your hair, extract the gel out of a freshly cut stem of aloe vera, mash it as mush as you can using a fork and then section your hair and start applying it. Once you have covered your hair completely, let it  sit for 15 minutes and then follow it with your normal shampoo routine. You need to be careful not to let it sit for too long or you will end up spending a lot of time trying to get the gel out of your hair.

Stretch Mark Eraser: Just like aloe vera lightens your acne mark…it does something similar for your stretch marks to. It helps with those pesky stretch marks that make you conscious all the time. An added advantage is that aloe vera has properties that enhance elasticity of skin so it prevents recurrence of the stretch marks in the future. This doesn’t take time to show results but I have been finding this home remedy particularly handy because I  have a huge stretch mark problem and I have a huge beach holiday planned in the coming months so did not really want those marks peeping out of all the cute beachwear I have splurged on.

Lip Love: With winter around the corner, one of my biggest concern is chapped lips. I love matte lipsticks which look like a walking nightmare so I am very careful about taking care of my lips before a big day. Aloe Vera has super moisturizing power so all you need to do is apply a layer of fresh aloe vera gel on your lips and leave it overnight to wake up with baby soft lips.

Do you have a favorite home remedy using aloe vera? Share it by commenting below: )