5 Beauty Hacks Using Green Tea

Sailing brings out the diy-er in me in terms of finding beauty hacks using whatever is available onboard which to be honest is not much. While my skin does fell better thanks to the lack of pollution in the air, a little TLC never hurts so this around the ingredient I decided to pick up from the kitchen was….drum rolls please…Green Tea

Green Tea is one of my favourite ingredients when it comes to any skin care product and I do use it time and  again for home remedies but I have no clue why I never posted anything about it. This happens way to often so I have decided to give a name to this phenomena and its called being a pea brain when it comes to documenting amazing stuff.

Anyways better late than never so here goes my favourite beauty hacks using the ever so humble Green Tea.

Down with the Dark Circles

Tired of ineffective under eye cream that do nothing for your panda eyes? Go ahead and make a strong cup of green tea for yourself and instead of throwing away the tea bags you used, save them and refrigerate them once they have cooled down. Once they have been refrigerated for a few hours, use them as eye masks by simply placing them on closed eyes and relaxing for 10 minutes.

The antioxidants in green tea helps in reducing the pigmentation and darkness around the eyes and the refrigeration helps in getting rid of any swelling or puffiness.

Anti-Acne Toner

My combination oily acne prone skin cannot survive without a toner so imagine my horror when i forgot to carry one as I went onboard. Thankfully I did have a travel size spray bottle handy and loads of green tea satchels which I used to make a cooling anti-acne toner. I used 2-3 green tea bags to make a concentrated half cup of green tea. By the time the tea cooled down, I grated a cucumber and extracted the juice out of it and mixed it with one tbsp of aloe vera gel.

This toner, if properly refrigerated would stay fine for at least two weeks post which you can make it again. The aloe vera gel can also be replaced by lemon juice if you have extreme acne prone skin but I usually alternate between the two every two weeks.

Magical Mask

Green tea is full of antioxidants which makes it the perfect ingredient for a face mask that will get rid of pigmentation, prevent acne, tighten pores and leave the skin all supple and hydrated.

Take one brewed green tea bag, cut it open to get access to the insides. Mix the tea mix from the green tea bag with 1 tsp of hung yogurt or greek yogurt and 1 tsp lemon. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes, then rinse with cold water.

Brilliant Body Scrub

The salt in the air doesn’t do alot of favours to my dry body skin so I usually use a body scrub once a week. One of the easiest and effective body scrubs I have used till date is a simple green tea scrub using the insides of 2-3 brewed tea bags, 2-3 tsp of sugar, 1 tbsp of honey and 2-3 tbsp of coconut oil.

I usually add the sugar when the brewed tea is still a little warm so that the sugar granules melt a little bit. If the tea bags are really hot then the sugar will melt and you will loose the exfoliating texture so a little trial and error goes into finding the right temperature.

You can use this to exfoliate your body and get rid of all the dead skin. This scrub also helps in getting rid of tanning to some extent as well. The honey and coconut oil ensures that your skin isn’t left all dry and itchy once you have used the scrub.

Healthy Hair

While beach waves are something I like, permanent frizziness of hair is not something I enjoy. I have an oily, sensitive and dandruff ridden scalp so the salt and moisture hair tends to accentuate every possible hair issue I could have.

This hair hack is one of the simplest DIYs I have ever come across and it works so well that I do not need to use any other product to keep my hair issues at bay. All I do is take 3 green tea bags and a bowl of hot water. I then let the tea bags steep in the water along with a couple of lemon wedges and remove the bags and the lemon wedges once the water cools down.

I use a cotton ball to apply this solution to my scalp by dividing my hair into small section and then apply the remaining water to the hair along the lengths as well.

The antioxidants help calm down the irritated scalp and the green tea along with the lemon make them more manageable and add shine to the tresses.

Which are your favourite hack using green tea?

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