A Blind Test!!!!

Even when we are usually advised not to judge the book by
its cover…what a think looks like definitely affects our opinion. Similarly
when it comes to makeup or skin care and definitely hair care….we tend to judge
the product quite a bit when we look at its brand…I mean lets be honest, no
matter how objective you try to be, you do expect products from certain brands
to do well while you feel a little scared to try the others and yes certain
brands do tend to take advantage of this.
Having said that, a few days back I received an offer from a
PR company mentioning that their clients wanted to do a blind test for a
shampoo and conditioner, I was pretty surprised….usually when a product is
supposed to get launched, I get these big PR pdfs and word docs with so much
information about the company and the product to be launched that a blind test
initiative was not something I expected. I even tried to get information about
the brand that was behind this initiative but they did not reveal it….I was
obviously very intrigued and quickly decided to participate in it.
Yesterday, I received the package that contained the product
and true to what they had promised…the sample has no information regarding the
brand or the ingredient….so I am going into this 100 % blind…I have no clue
what this has or what it will do to my hair but I am really looking forward to
trying both the shampoo and the conditioner.
I will be testing both the shampoo and the conditioner over
the next few days….( psst…first impression…the fragrance is amazing) and will
keep you posted as to how it worked for my hair. Again, I promise you guys I am
not lying when I say I have no clue which brand sent me this sample and what it
has and what it supposed to do for my hair…everything about it will be revealed
to me ( and eventually to you….)once I have tried for a few days….so stay tuned 🙂
What do you think about the blind test idea?
Any guesses which brand this could be from?
Are you excited? I know I am

I would love to read your reaction so don’t forget comment
below 🙂