Book Review: A House for Happy Mothers by Amulya Malladi

Miscarriages, infertility, IVF treatments, Adoption or Surrogacy are no longer terms that you rarely hear thanks to the recent rise in number of fertility issues in the recent times. I am also glad to see how women have started discussing these issues recently though I am still frustrated with the judgmental reaction such discussions usually get from our society. Given the circumstances, I was pretty intrigued to find a book written by an Indian author on this complex set of issues. I was curious to see how the author had treated these topics as usually they are conversations that are held in private.

A House For Happy Mothers

The Story

A house for happy mothers is the story of Priyasha and Asha. Priyasha is struggling to have a baby while Asha is struggling to give her children a better life. Their hopes for a better future for their respective families takes them on the journey of surrogacy. Both women battle with emotional turmoil of choosing this unconventional method while coping with the changes it brings to their life and the life of their loved ones.

Narration & Character Development

The narration goes back and forth between Priya and Asha and their respective lives. The transition is smooth for the most part of the story but there are chapters where the author completely omitted the reaction of the other protagonist to a particular situation.

Character development of the protagonist is the backbone of the book. You can’t help but sympathise with the both the women and acknowledge their feelings as the story proceeds. The attention to detail to other characters is a little weak. Even the husbands take a back seat for most part of the book which I found a little strange but the strength of the character of the two women pretty much made up for it.


I loved how candid the author was about the whole situation. Sentiments portrayed by both women are so realistic and raw rather than being overly dramatic or traditional. The story is simple but writing is what keeps you hooked on to the last page. You are aware of how the story is going to end but you want to read and find out how these two women lived through each moment.

I liked the fact that the author did not sugar coat the process of miscarriages or how infertility takes a toll on the relationship between a husband and wife. There are so many crucial topics related to women that this story touched upon without making it sound like a feminist agenda. These are very fine lines and kudos to the author for being able to include them in the story without making them sound staged.

Final Verdict

A beautiful piece of writing that would touch your heart. It is an authentic portrayal of very sensitive emotions felt by two very resilient female characters. The characters and tier reactions are relatable so you enjoy the simplicity that is highlighted while the story deals with a complex subject. Whether you are struggling with infertility or not, I am pretty sure it is going to touch a chord. Definitely worth a read.

Have you read the A House for Happy Mothers?

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