A little bit of ranting and lots of pictures

September for me was a very confusing month and well October did not really start on a good note either. A few people I was very close to disappointed me in a big way and it took me a while to realize that its just better to say goodbye to them. I was in denial for a while but eventually realized that they don’t care about me or the fact that there actions hurt me. So I packed up all the things that reminded me of them in a tiny box and shipped them back to where they belong. I know its not a solution and I sound very melodramatic but its a start and I figured “Out of sight…out of mind”. I wouldn’t say I feel better but as I said its a start and I hope it gets easier.

Phheww…now that we have the ranting out the way…lets talk about some highlights of these past two months. My fiancรฉ celebrated his 25th birthday in September and I had my hands full trying to plan a surprise for him which by the way is super difficult because the birthday boy decided that he couldn’t wait till his birthday to know what was happening and snooped around quite a bit :p. Thankfully,  we were able to pull off the surprise and he was a happy bear that day :). I guess by now you know I have a thing for making handmade cards so I created a special one for him. It was another version of box cards I have created before but the inspiration came from a wedding card I had seen online. 

Another highlight of these past few weeks was outings with my friends. I have honestly gained like a zillion kgs in the past few weeks as I can’t even start to list all the yummy food I had. Plus all the late nights and the binge/emotional eating did not really help with keeping up with my workout routine. Here are some of my favorites

Samosa sandwich

Baked penne pasta

Vegetarian thali 

Choco chip and vanilla muffin

Vanilla chocolate sundae

Hyderabadi chicken biryani

Paneer masala dosa

South Indian thali

Paneer pao

Butterfly chicken
Then came Durga puja…5 days of sheer bliss. I spent the whole puja with my family and went pandal hopping around the city. I am soo bummed that the puja ended soo soon but well diwali is just round the corner so I think my spirits are going to go high again ๐Ÿ™‚
Some clicks from these five days ๐Ÿ™‚

I am definitely in better spirits than I have been in the past few weeks while writing this post and I am hoping that this continues so that there are no more emotional rants on the blog. Also, I have alot of big occasions coming up in a few months to keep me busy and well I can’t wait to share the details with you ๐Ÿ™‚

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