About Me!!

 Hi and welcome to Colors Of My Life!
I am Aparajita, a consultant from Delhi making a living trying to analyse the money spent by clients and spending the time I have on this blog.
I am passionate about a lot of things and love and look forward to live my life in all its shades.I love makeup. I like to read. I am a big shopaholic.I am very impulsive. Always a little confused and maybe a little narcissistic.
You will find me talking about alot of things – food and makeup being the love my life will definitely receive a little more attention  but you can also look forward to read about books, fashion, travel, things I  love, things I like, things I dislike, things I absolutely hate and anything that catches my fancy.I hope you will enjoy reading my blog and I definitely look forward to your comments and feedback.
If at all you have any questions, queries, requests, feedback, or want to collaborate, drop me an email on colorsandmylife@gmail.com and I promise to get back to you 🙂