Anniversary Card for My Mom and Dad

So 1st May was parent’s 27th wedding anniversary and keeping up with the tradition, I made a card for them. I did not really alot of time this week because of work commitments and honestly google was of no help. Coincidentally, me and my friend N were having some discussion about birds and the topic of love birds came us and I came with the idea to make this card.

I think this one of the simplest cards I have made. The elements were pretty basic but I loved how they are looking together. For the background, I searched for a dictionary page that had the word love and love birds in it, took a print out and used coffee to gave it a sepia tone. Next I drew the shape a pair love birds and used the same dictionary paper to make their wings. 
I always love trying new techniques with the cards I make and this time I had planned to burn the edges of the background and the card to give a old paper look. Even though I think went a little overboard with it, I still like what the card looks like.  What do you think?

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