Aroma Magic Almond Under Eye Cream: Review

Hello everyone
The problem with project based profession is that when you have deadlines, its better that you don’t look at the watch…and these deadlines leave a lot of tiny lines and big dark circles under your eyes. I realized this within a month of joining my office and that’s how Aroma Magic Almond Under Eye Cream found place on my dressing table. 

Price: Rs. 115 for 20 gms.
The product comes in a white tube with a pink cap. The packaging is travel friendly as the cap is quite sturdy but it gets a little difficult to squeeze out the product towards the end. Also this tube has no external packaging or doesn’t come sealed or anything so make sure you buy it from the right place.

The texture of the night cream is quite thick and though the cream has a smooth texture but it is does require time to blend and absorb into the skin and tends to sit on your skin for a while. Due to the thick texture, a little quantity is enough to apply to the whole under eye area.The cream also has a floral fragrance which might be a little too strong for some people.
It did work for my dark circles and whatever tiny fine lines that had become visible lately. Though it took time for the results to show but after I started using it, I did find that the area around my eye became really moisturized and supple.

Good things about the cream:
  • Packaging is hygienic and sturdy
  • Pocket friendly
  • Leaves the under eye are soft and supple

 Not so good things about the cream:

  • The cream is a little thick which can prove to be very greasy for people with oily skin
  • The cream has a floral fragrance which might be a little strong for some people
  • Only active ingredients are mentioned
  • There is no seal or external packaging for the tube
So basically this cream works well for me and I have noticed results over a period of time. But as I have already mentioned, due to the thickness I use the cream carefully in order to avoid getting my under eye area too greasy. 
Have you tried this night cream?
What are your thoughts about it?
Share them with me by commenting below 🙂
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