Aroma Magic Anti Pigmentation Glossy Pack: Review

Since I am almost 30 years old,skincare has become one of my leading concerns and I think that is quite visible on the blog as well. I have also rediscovered my love for some Indian brands because they proved to be so helpful  during my time at sea. One such brand is Aroma Magic and this time around I tested the Aroma Magic Anti Pigmentation Glossy Pack


Price: Rs 410 for 100 gms


The Aroma Magic Anti Pigmentation Glossy Pack comes in a very simple bright green with a white cap. The details about the product are also mentioned in white. The packaging is very easy to use and travel with however I have to be a bit careful while opening the cap as the product is a bit runny and there is a change of it spilling out.



Texture & Product

The texture of the pack is creamy and smooth so it spreads over the face effortlessly. The product is quite runny like a diluted paste. It has a dark green color and has a herbal fragrance to it which is pretty strong and quite pungent.

The face pack doesn’t dry out like clay masks, instead it retains the creamy texture post application but becomes a little thicker.

My Experience

I love the texture of the product as it goes on like a dream. I usually apply a thin layer of the product using a face pack brush making sure I cover my acne prone areas. I usually keep it on for around 25-30 minutes and then wash it off with plain water.

I love this face pack and its pretty much my go-to skincare product when I want a bit of a glow. This product comes particularly handy when I am PMSing because my skin is irritated and I get acne left, right and center.

This face pack helped to relieve my skin of any redness, pigmentation or acne marks. It also gets rid of light tanning and leaves my skin looking bright and shiny. I have been using this for almost  months now , this is my second tube and I plan to keep buying more of them.


Final Verdict

I am obsessed with this face pack at the moment and it is one of the few products that I have used that fulfill everything that the brand claims.

The product gives great results and with consistent application, I have seen a very drastic effect on the state of my skin so much so that I am ready to put up with the hideous fragrance it has.

All in all,will totally recommend this product to anyone looking for a easy to us, pocket-friendly and effective face back to get rid f pigmentation and dullness.

Which is your favorite Aroma Magic Face Pack?

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