Aroma Magic Camphor Ice Foot Cream: Review

I have reviewed a couple of Aroma Magic products in the past
and I won’t say I have been very satisfied with this brand so I had pretty much
stopped trying it until a few days back when a friend gave me this little
hamper that had the Aroma Magic Camphor Ice Foot Cream in it. I did not really
have any hopes about this product so it was lying around for a few days  but on a lazy night this was the closet to my
bed and I decided to give it a shot. I would have to say I need to learn to not
dismiss stuff because I had a bad experience because this product has lately
become one of my favourite foot creams so maybe Aroma Magic is not a bad brand
after all :).
What changed my mind? Read on to find out 🙂
Price: Rs 130 for 60 gms.
The product comes in the standard Aroma Magic packaging. It
has a white plastic squeezy tube body with a red cap. I have no issues with the
packaging and the squishy tube helps in getting the product without much
effort. The cap stays in place so you don’t to worry about travelling with it.

The texture of this foot cream is a little difficult to
describe. Imagine Vaseline and your favourite body lotion had a baby…that’s the
kind of texture this cream has. It’s not waxy but it’s not completely creamy
either. At the first look, the texture seems pretty thick but when you spread
it, you would realize it isn’t a very thick foot cream and that’s when it feels
more like Vaseline gel
The fragrance is the highlight of this product for me. I am
a sucker for anything minty and camphor has this heavy minty fragrance that I love.
Now I know camphor is usually supposed to have a very heavy and strong
fragrance but the makers of this product have taken it down a notch but still
maintained the original fragrance in the cream.
The foot cream spreads and gets absorbed without any hassle.
It leaves this cooling sensation once it starts getting absorbed and that is
something I love especially in this hot weather. I also like how it doesn’t feel sticky or creamy after absorption and that gets extra points from me because tat is the last thing I want when the temperature is already above 40 degrees.
In terms of moisturizing power, the cream does a decent job. I have particularly dry feet in summers because I like to wear flats and sandals during this season so I basically I expose my feet to the harshness of the sun which usually leaves quite dry and tanned. I have other tricks to get rid of tanning but this cream definitely helped to get rid of the dryness. Don’t expect any miraculous but yes after using this product for a week, you will see results.
All in all, I have to say, I really like this foot cream. It is pocket friendly, works really well atleast in the summers, I love the fragrance, I love the texture and it has definitely motivated me to not dismiss Aroma Magic as brand that just doesn’t work for me. Now I am in the mood experiment with some more products from this brand so let me know what i should pick up. Leave your suggestions by commenting below.  
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