Aroma Magic Coffee Bean Scrub: Review

Even though when it comes to hot beverages, I am a total tea girl but when it comes to my skin I love anything with coffee in it. In general coffee has alot of antioxidants that are good for your skin, protects it from UVB rays and reduces any pigmentation or dark spots. The latest coffee based product on my testing table is the Aroma Magic Coffee Bean Scrub.


Price: Rs 375 for 100 ml

The Aroma Magic Coffee Bean Scrub comes in a white tube packaging with screw open cap. The tube is very user-friendly and sturdy enough to be carried around. The only thing you need to keep in mind with the packaging is that it is a very squeezy tube with a very flexible product in it so until and unless you want a handful of the scrub, try and not squeeze the tube when you are opening the cap.


The scrub has a very runny and creamy texture. It is a light brown liquid with brownish bead like granules. The texture ensures that the scrub spreads very easily and evenly without too much effort. This is most creamy scrub I have used till date and the tiny granules are very effective without being too harsh. The highlight of using this scrub is the fragrance. The product has a rich coffee based fragrance that instantly reminds me of my favourite cappuccino. The fragrance lingers as long as you use the product and I absolutely love it.


I like that the scrub is very creamy so it doesn’t dry out my skin. I have really sensitive skin near the mouth and every time I exfoliate, I develop dry patches but this scrub proved to be an exception to my usual experience. My skin feels really soft , clean and without the stretchy feeling most scrub come with.


The problem is that while this scrub worked well during the winters, in summers it a little too moisturizing for my oily combination skin. Having said that, it doesn’t mean I skipped it completely instead I just reduced the frequency of usage. This however would prove to be a really good daily scrub for someone with normal or dry skin looking for a budget friendly scrub that works without being too harsh on the skin.