Aroma Magic Hand Cream: Review

When I went to Mumbai like a month back and started unpacking my stuff. My cousin was quite taken aback with the fact that I was carrying a different moisturizer for my face, a separate body lotion and a hand cream…she was like dude…why do you need a different moisturizer  for your hand…in response I showed her my hands and I could see she had found her answer :p
Well you see even though I am 24 year old girl…my hands resemble that of a 70 year old. Its just ridiculous how dry they are. Sometimes I wish that the oily tendency of my face could pass on to my hands. Unfortunately not everything wish for comes true so the only way I am left with is to give them some extra care.
Aroma Magic Hand Cream is I think the third product that I have used from this brand. I wouldn’t say I am a big fan of the brand but I would definitely say it doesn’t receive the credit  it deserves. Was the hand cream one of the good products of this brand or was I disappointed? Read on to find out 🙂

Price: Rs 115 for 60 gms.

The packaging is very simple. White tube with a red cap…the standard aroma magic packaging. I have an eye cream which looks very similar…the only difference is the size so if you have two products of the same size with this packaging you could definitely get confused.

The product is a thick slightly pink cream.The peculiar thing is….I don’t know if people remember but we used to have this charms winter creams that used to come in these baby pink tubs packaging…well the texture and the fragrance of this hand cream is just like it….not similar…but its the same. Any how, the texture is really smooth and its spreads easily so a little quantity goes a long way

Whenever I am using a hand cream, the one thing that is important to me is that my hands don’t remain oily because obviously I cannot just sit and not touch anything or work . Sadly, this cream just sits on my hands and doesn’t really get absorbed or anything so I usually prefer applying it during the night.

Because it doesn’t get absorbed, I was not really able to judge how long it worked for accurately as it just transferred to everything I touched but it definitely doesn’t last beyond an hour.
All in all, not really the best hand cream out there….actually it doesn’t even remotely work like a hand cream so skip it 
Which is your favorite hand cream?
Have you tried this one?