Aroma Magic Honey Hand and Body Lotion: Review

Hello everyone,
I have always cribbed about my combination oily skin but one thing that bothers me even more are my super dry hands that tend to get even more dry during the winters. So this time when Delhi faced record breaking cold temperatures, my hands wasted know time make me realize that they need extra care and that’s how I came across Aroma Magic Honey Hand and Body Lotion.

Price: Rs 130 for 220 ml

The lotion come in the standard Aroma Magic packaging with a white plastic body and deep pink cap. The packaging is quite sturdy, actually too sturdy. It is a little difficult to open the flip cap, if you don’t open it carefully you might just end up breaking your nails ( personal experience ๐Ÿ™ )

The lotion has a thick texture which blends and gets absorbed very easily. As the lotion has a very thick consistency, a little quantity is enough to moisturize both hands. I don’t really use it as a body lotion but as a hand lotion it works great. It keeps my hands moisturized without making them too oily which means I can easily apply it and go back to my work. The lotion has an amazing fragrance. It is not typically a sweet fragrance…to me it smells more  like ginger. The fragrance lingers for a while before subsiding.

The things that I don’t really like about the lotion is that after a while your hands become dry again. So you need to reapply it after every 2-3 hours. Keeping this in mind I don’t think it would work too well as a body lotion. As I mentioned I use it as a hand lotion I don’t really mind applying it time to time.  Secondly, as the texture is think it requires a little effort to get the lotion out of the bottle and this becomes even more difficult when the product is about to finish.
Overall, I love it as a hand lotion, keeps my hand moisturized however  it might not work that great as a body lotion. The fragrance is definitely a little strong…I like it but people who are sensitive to heavy fragrances might not like it.

Which is your favorite hand cream?
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