Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Scrub: Review

Aroma Magic is kind becoming quite a regular brand in my skin care regime. I have tried a handful of products from the brand and most of the time I pretty happy with the results so when my friend raved about this new scrub from Aroma Magic she was trying and totally loving, I knew I had it give it a go. The scrub she was taking about is the Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Scrub and it’s not really a new launch but they have just ramped up the packaging.


Price: Rs 160 for 100 ml

The Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Scrub comes in a plastic tube with a screw on cap. As I mentioned, the brand had ramped up their packaging and I love the modern look. It is definitely prettier and more interesting than the boring red and white packaging that was staple to the brand. The packaging is really stable so absolutely travel friendly with no leakage or any other sort of accidents.



The product is a mint colored scrub with a creamy  and grainy texture. The exfoliants in this scrub are not really visible but once you start using the scrub you see the scrub is full of really mild exfoliating beads.  The granules are more like tiny salt particles but they give a very thorough scrubbing effect. The particles are very mild and do not feel harsh on the skin so it is good for daily exfoliation.


It also has this floral fragrance which is quite strong and when I say strong then people will sensitive skin need to run. Thankfully the fragrance goes away after a little while but you do need to do a little sniffing before buying the product if you dislike strong fragrances.


The creamy base ensures there is no excessive dryness so my skin doesn’t feel stretchy or dry after using the product. It also doesn’t really leave behind an oily film which I have experienced in some of the scrubs and something that my oily combination skin totally hates.

All in all, The scrub is pretty mild which works well for my skin because I don’t really have severe blackheads or whiteheads problems but it might prove to be a little light if you have severe pore issues.  But the good thing is that it is one of the good options if you have a sensitive skin and you are looking for a scrub.