As Beautiful As My Work….Mia by Tanishq

Yesterday while catching up on my daily
dose of television I saw the commercial of the work friendly Mia collection
from Tanishq. Apart from the earrings in that commercial…which by the way are
soo pretty…I couldn’t help but notice how familiar the situation of
Megha…the girl in TVC seemed to what I faced when I joined the consulting
industry an year back. 

Thanks to all the deadlines and late
nights, dressing up is the last thing on almost everybody’s mind at my
workplace. I on the other hand, as you all know love to dress up so I had my
fair share of  ” why do you have to get dressed up for work ” advice
and “oh, she is all dressed up….she looks good but is she as efficient at
” looks.
Before you ask…no, I don’t overtly dress
up for work, neither do I wear flashy accessories or heavy makeup but yes I do
make it a point to dress smart, accessorize my look a little and wear makeup
that is appropriate and yes with all that I get all my work done, I keep my
deadlines and fulfill my responsibilities as efficiently (even more efficiently
at times :P) as any of my co-workers.
I enjoy my work as much as I enjoy getting
dressed and with all the feedback that  I got a few days back during my
performance reviews I think I have proved that my work is as beautiful as I am
and looks even better than I do.
And for my dear co-workers…for the last
time…I don’t dress up to impress anybody at work or for a reason; I dress up
for me, I dress up because I love to dress up and because I love how I look….more
importantly because how I it makes me feel.
On a lighter note….I definitely
plan to celebrate the good review (and a possible pay raise :P) by gifting
myself something from the Mia collection…well I just told you I love dressing
up and nothing says dressed up better than some smart and chic jewellery. You can check out this collection here
This is my entry for the Tanishq’s Mia and Ripple “As Beautiful As Your Work” contest