Not So Clichéd Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Well, Mother’s Day is pretty much around the corner and if your mom is anything like mine ( read the smallest kid in the house :P) then you know you need to get her something to make her feel special. I have a love-hate relationship with my mother ( who doesn’t) because we are completely …

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5 Beauty Hacks Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Believe to or not but I was introduced to apple cider vinegar last year and when I was sailing with my husband. You have to get really creative onboard to find health supplements since you can only carry a limited amount of medication due to customs regulations so a senior of my husband gave me insight …

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Travel Diaries: Santos, Brazil

I know I promised to share this post a while back but with my crazy work schedule and even crazier health issues, I just did not get the time. I finally decided that I had to sit down and talk about my experience in one of the most beautiful places I visited last year because …

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