Avon Ultra Color Matte Lipstick in Matte Grape: Review, Swatches and FOTD

Even though thanks to all the smog it feels like we are in January already, the  real Delhi winters are not here yet. So I decided that I am going to get my winter/fall lip shades out before the actual winters arrive but to my surprise all I had were bright reds, pinks and oranges…basically an overload of bridal colors so I did a little bot of shopping and bought this beautiful wine plum based shade called Matte Grape from the Avon Ultra Color Matte range.


Price: Rs 389 for 3.8 gms

The lipstick comes in a matte black bullet with Avon engraved on the belt. I love how pretty the packaging looks and I have no complains about the quality but as usual I prefer knowing the shading without reading the label so any easily visible indication of the shade on the outer packaging would have been great.



As I mentioned before, I was looking for that typical bold fall shade to add to my vanity and Matte Grape is exactly that. It is a deep wine plum shade with brownish maroon undertones. The shade instantly grabs all the attention but is versatile enough to work with most Indian skin tones.


The texture is pretty smooth and the finish is nowhere near matte. I am a total matte freak and I might have loved this lipstick a tad more if had the matte texture but the creamy finish works as well. Application is easy-peasy with no tugging or pulling to get the color to all the corners and edges of the lips. The finish is more glossy when applied but lipstick does settle down a little after a few minutes of application. Also, the lipstick is pretty hydrating on its own so until and unless you have really dry lips, you can skip wearing a lip balm under it.


The pigmentation of this particular shade is insane and you get a rich layer of color even if you apply a very light layer. The lipstick is very light so you can layer the lipstick without getting any heavy feeling on the lips. Staying power is a good 6-7 hours which is absolutely amazing for a lipstick with such a creamy texture. The creamy texture prevents the lipstick from settling into fine lines, no bleeding or feathering but it does transfer a bit although the transfer bit is nothing alarming.


All in all, I am absolutely in love with this lipstick and particularly this shade. I was a little disappointed that the texture wasn’t matte but then the fact that the quality of the lipstick is so good and the shade is absolutely gorgeous kicked out the disappointment out of my mind in a matter of seconds. I am definitely ordering a few more shades from this range and I am so happy I introduced Avon on the brand with such an amazing product. COML Definitely recommends!!!!