Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor :Review

I wish we could choose the genes we get from our parents because I would have certainly opted for my mom’s lovely hair texture and whatever is chromosome is responsible for the lack of body hair on her. I on the other hand was born a grizzly bear with super hairy hands, legs and even a manly beard (I am sorry if this post is starting on TMI note :p). Anyhow, I have opted for endless solutions to get rid of this issue….zillion types of waxing treatments…chocolate, honey, aloe vera, katori even laser but waxing hasn’t given me a very long lasting solution and well I can’t afford getting a full body laser done 🙁
Having struggled with this hairy problem since m,y teen I was genuinely interested to try the new kid on the block- The Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor which claimed that it would permanently reduce hair growth. The claim seemed to good to be true but as they “Marta kya na karta (When in deep crisis, one resorts to all means—fair and unfair) I was ready to atleast give it one shot.

Price: Rs 1100 for 80 ml
The product comes in a pump dispenser and a plastic bottle. I like the fact that a bottle is plastic because I would have had a mini heart attack if I had a dropped a 1100 bucks worth product with a breakable packaging. The pump has a interlock system so its pretty safe to carry it around.

The cream has a thick texture and a pearly white color. Its pretty creamy and moisturising so you can skip your moisturiser or body cream when you are trying this. It has a mild fragrance which I find a little unpleasant but thankfully the fragrance vanishes after a few seconds of application.

Before I talk about my experience about this product, lets talk a little about how we are supposed to use it. You first have to go through your usual and preferred hair removal method. Now if you are into waxing, threading or shaving you have to apply this twice for the 5 days after you have waxed or shaved. If you use hair removal creams than you have to use it twice everyday till you use the hair removal cream again.
Now as I mentioned before I was little sceptical about the ambitious claims this product was making and I was about 90% sure that it would turn out be a total waste of my time. However, I would say that the product has proved me wrong in many ways. I wouldn’t say it completely inhibited hair growth on my body or reduced it drastically but yes it did show significant difference.
The area I was really interested to try this product on was my face and underarms. So I did a patch test on my underarms for 2 months and then tried on my face as well. As I am undergoing a laser treatment for the removal of my facial hair I couldn’t really use it anywhere near my chin, cheeks or neck area so I decided to put it to test on my eyebrows.
Test one gave me good results. I did not see alot of difference in terms of growth in the first month but yes I did see that the course hair I was getting thanks to a very bad decision of shaving my underarm area in a hurry before a party were becoming softer. The texture did not change completely but they did become better than before. I did notice a slight reduction but that was almost after 2 months of using it.
The eyebrows again gave similar results. Hair became a little thinner than usual and the growth reduced but after I used to for almost 2.5-3 months. I did not get any adverse reaction from the cream which was a big concern for me as my skin reacts pretty easily.
All in all, I would recommend this product to you if only you plan to stick with because it definitely takes time to show results. Also don’t expect miracles….but yes the cream gives you pretty decent results. My only concern is that it’s a little pricey considering the quantity you get and well if you use the product on your hands and leg then 80 ml would finish in a few days.
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