Bath & Body Works Lemon Hand Cream: Review

I am one of those people who literally wait for relatives and friends to go on a trip abroad because I get the opportunity to bug them to get me stuff from international brands. I know it sounds weird but I am kind of shameless about this action. One brand that forces me to seek out people going to the US is Bath & Body Works. This is one brand I can berserk over because everything they offer is so good.

This time around, I sent quite a few days in the US myself so you can imagine how crazy I went shopping at their outlet. I literally had 3 basket fill to the brim and one of the first products that went into the baskets was the Bath & Body Works Lemon Hand Cream


 Price: $4 for 29 ml


The Bath & Body Works Lemon Hand Cream comes in a bright yellow tube packaging with a screw on cap. I love the fact that even though it’s not a heavy tube, it retains its shape and I don’t end with a shit load of the product when I open the cap just because the tube was toying around in my bag.


The fragrance is true to the name and the product smells like spring with a hint of citrus notes. It doesn’t have the overly sweet fragrance but instead, a very well balanced floral and lemony smell. It is the perfect fragrance for summers and reminds me of enjoying a nice glass of lemonade on a hot day.

Texture & Product

The hand cream is white colored and has a gel-like consistency. It is not too thick so I just need a pea sized ball to cover both my hands. The gel-like texture ensures that the product spreads really well and gets absorbed easily as well.


My Experience

  I am already in love with most stuff I have used from Bath & Body Works and this product is no different. The quality of the cream is amazing and it leaves my hand soft and velvety.

It doesn’t leave a greasy film behind so I can continue typing without making my keyboard oily. The product is perfect for hot weather when heavy creams feel all icky.   I usually reapply this like twice or thrice in a day and there is a visible difference in the dryness of my hands and recurrence of cuticles.


The fragrance is definitely my favorite thing about this cream and I pretty much look forward to reapplying it during the day. I would be lying if I don’t admit to sniffing my hands every now and then to take in the amazing citrusy fragrance.

Final Verdict

Overall, I am obsessed with this product at the moment and I honestly feel like kicking myself for not getting more of these when I was in the US. The cream is one of the best hand creams I have used in a while and it is just what you need in the hot weather that we are looking at in Delhi.

I am definitely scouting more relatives/friends to restock on this product and would ask you to do the same. Be shameless when it comes getting your hands on some good quality products, I promise you won’t regret it.

Have you tried the Bath & Body Works Hand Creams?

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