BBlunt Back To Life Dry Shampoo: Review

What is one of the biggest back in the behind in summers? I know there are obvious thing like the heat melting you away and everyone sweating like a pig but for me it is the frequent hair wash requirement . No matter how hard you try, if you are living in an area like Delhi where summers are a nightmare, you know what I am talking about. Hair wash twice a week just doesn’t cut it because you are back to oily dull hair in like a few hours. Now I have very thin and dull hair as is so I can’t afford to torture them by washing them everyday. But with every problem comes a solution, you just need to look for it. Luckily for me, my solutions was waiting in my mailbox in the form of a tiny little spray bottle of BBlunt Back To Life Dry Shampoo.


Price: 550 for 125ml; 250 for 30 ml

The BBlunt Back to Life Dry Shampoo comes in a bright silver spray packaging with a plastic cap to protect the dispenser. I got the 30 ml version because I had planned to travel around with it and did not want to give away alot of space but the packaging does come in a 125 ml variant as well. I am always worried about plastic caps falling of when I am travelling with a product but nothing of that sort happened with this dry shampoo. So basically the packaging is very simple, sturdy and travel friendly.


As per direction, I shake the bottle well, keep the spray 6 inches away from the hair and spray. I usually divide my hair into layers when I spray it and each spray leaves behind tiny white bead like particles. Once I am done with the spraying, I massage the product into the scalp and those tiny white beads start vanishing. The spray has this really pleasant floral fragrance that lingers on and is definitely a bonus for me.


I get a nice bounce to my hair after using the product and I do not miss the freshness I get after washing my hair because it feels like I have washed my hair. The bouncy freshness does go away after 4-5 hours but it definitely saves me the hassle of going out with greasy hair so I have no complains about the staying power of the effect.


Overall, I find this dry shampoo to be a life saviour in this hot weather. I have found myself running around like a headless chicken to reach work on time because I took too long to wash my hair in the morning but since I have got this I am usually able to push back my hair wash days to days I have some time in my hand. It is a really handy product for a girl who is on her toes al the time and definitely does everything it claims. A note of caution however would be to not go overboard with the dry shampoo because even though it gives you the bounce and gets rid of the oily feeling, it doesn’t clean your scalp. I usually use it to buy a day between two washes and would suggest not using this more than twice a week to you as well.