BBlunt Intense Moisture Hair Serum: Review

For the longest time, I was someone who never experimented with her hair for the simple reason that I was afraid what it might do to my already thin fine tresses. Then I caught the hair coloring bug and 3 years, 4 different hair colors later, I still have the same volume of hair on my head. The biggest reason behind it was that I did PhD level of research into the products that not only maintain my hair color but also maintain my hair quality. One such product was an hair serum. I knew I needed a good one that would lock in the moisture and make my hair color look all shiny and bright so I went for the BBlunt Intense Moisture Hair Serum.

Price: Rs 450 for 75 ml


The BBlunt Intense Moisture Hair Serum comes in a bright blue packaging with a pump dispenser. The dispenser is protected by an additional cap and has a lock mechanism to prevent leakages. I am a huge fan of BBlunt packagings because they are user friendly, sleek and easy to travel with and this product is no different.

Texture & Product

The serum has is a transparent glossy liquid with a thick texture. It has the typical consistency you see for most hair serums. The product has a very generic smell and even though I tried really hard to figure out the underlying notes, it was not a specific fragrance I could point out.

My Experience

Even though I haven’t gotten my hair bleached during when I got them colored, the exposure to chemicals did leave my hair a bit more dry than usual. I was looking for a product to help me lock in the moisture in my hair once I was done deep conditioning it every other week and this serum did that for me.

The serum made my hair so much more manageable and I could see a difference in the dryness particularly at the ends of my hair. I forgot to carry the serum during my recent visit to Bangalore and boy did my hair look a big ball of frizz. A usually apply this on wet hair immediately after towel drying my hair and it keeps my hair from getting all big and rowdy once they dry up.I have also tried applying it on dry hair on days when my hair just refuses to behave and I get tamed tresses in a matter of seconds.

The serum gives desired results when used consistently. It has helped me maintain my hair color as well as the quality of my hair.

Final Verdict

The serum is a great product and delivers on all its claims. I have a very moody scalp and most products irritate it so a big plus for me is that it works for my hair without disturbing my scalp.

It is also one of the more good quality pocket friendly serums out there and performs at par with a lot of other expensive hair serums I have used.