Being Selfish

I don’t know how many of you will admit it…but I do consider myself a ‘reasonably’ selfish person. 
And considering the world we live in..I don’t see anything wrong in being selfish…. in fact I feel its absolutely natural to be selfish….unless you have the K-Soaps phenomenon of sacrificing your life for others ;).
Selfishness is a beautiful phenomenon but it has been condemned so much that people have forgotten its actual meaning.
Don’t get me wrong…I am talking about being selfish, and not being mean.
You are mean if you believe in exploiting and taking advantage of people…the ‘by hook or by crook’ philosophy followers….being selfish just means taking care of yourself and your needs first.
As I mentioned I am selfish…but I don’t use it as an excuse to do something that I shouldn’t do or hurt somebody. I know and understand that in life…there comes a point of time where you need to take certain decisions…regarding people and things in your life…and these decisions are tough…but you  have to do it…sometimes for your own good. 
It is simply stupid not to be selfish. The first person you need to take care is none other than YOU
You have to take care of your health, the thoughts you have in mind, the actions you take, the words you speak, your possessions, talents and everything that comes under your territory.
You should be nice to yourself first and then to anyone else.