Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder: Review

Do you guys remember I went to Mumbai a few weeks back. While I absolutely loved every part of the trip, the highlight of visiting the city was shopping at The Beauty Shop  :). Those of you who don’t know what I am talking…..well Beauty Shop is this small store where you can find loads and loads of international makeup brands with a price tag that won’t break your bank. They have NYX, Ben Nye, Victoria Secrets, Bath and Body Works…even some Korean Brands…basically its a heaven for makeup addicts.
While a bought a lots of stuff and by a lots I mean spent-half-my-salary…the first thing I picked up was the Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder. Its one thing that YouTube gurus have been raving about for a while so I obviously wanted to check if its worth the hype or not.

Price:   Rs 675 for 42 gms

The packaging is nothing fancy. Its a simple transparent plastic container with large holes on the top. It also has a black screw on cap which is pretty stable. I really struggled with the packaging because the holes on the top are too large and I always ended getting more product than I need. Finally, I came across a simple suggestion from Shalini of BeBeautilious where she just covered the extra holes with sticky tape and I did the same.

I absolutely love the texture of this powder…Its very finely milled so I don’t have to worry about getting a cakey finish. It feels very smooth on the skin and gets absorbed in a few seconds.It sets the concealer without settling into the fine line. The yellow undertones is just perfect for highlighting the under eye area without making the skin look ashy.
 If you are a regular reader…then you know how much I crib about my skin. Now loose powder supposedly works well on oily skin I tried setting my foundation with the banana powder. Fortunately it worked…actually it worked better than I had expected. It obviously brightens up my face but what I loved the most about it is that the powder kept my skin oil free for more than 5 hours without any touch ups. . Plus it doesn’t leave a whitish cast like most pressed powder and looks very natural when photographed. Also, the quantity required to set the whole face is teeny-tiny so  42 gms product that I have is going to last a while.

I am personally not a big fan of loose powders because they are messy to carry around but I don’t really mind making an exception for this one…my skin just loves it. The only issue with it is the availability.If you are lucky enough to be living in Mumbai then you can buy it from The Beauty Shop ,if  not then its also available on http://camerareadycosmetics.com/

P.S. I was a bit curious about the unusual name so did a little research as to why its called Banana powder?
Ans. Because its yellow *facepalm*