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BH Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner: Review and Swatch

If I have to live with just one makeup item for the rest of my life…it would be an eyeliner. I do love my lipsticks but let’s be honest the most amazing lipstick would looks really out of place on a dull face but add a little eyeliner magic to your eyes and you would definitely look cute and presentable. Even though I would love to take my time and work with my liquid liner, my 9 to 9 job doesn’t really give me such liberty and that’s when pen liquid liners enter the picture…lately my obsession with them is on its peak as I bought quite of few of them so you can imagine how happy I would have been when I received this liquid liner from BH cosmetics along with the palettes during the last haul. Did this feeling of happiness continue when I used it or was I left disappointed…well read on  🙂
Price: $5.95 but I got it as part of combination deal.
The packaging is nothing fancy. It’s a simple black pen shaped liner with a thick applicator. The cap is pretty sturdy and thank god for that as I have had major handbag mess thanks to the Maybelline liner that had flimsy cap. 

The applicator is quite thick and hard but it has a pointed end. The benefit of such an applicator is that you create any kind of a line with it- whether you like a simple thin line of eyeliner or a more dramatic thinker one. It moves quite easily on the eyelids without any tugging or pulling. The only downside about the applicator is that unlike a flexible applicator control over application is a little restricted

The liner is definitely not the blackest liner that I have seen. It has a matte finish which is something I prefer. It also dries pretty quickly so you have a few seconds to work with it. I did apply it near my waterline to test if it irritates my eyes but nothing of that sort happened. Even when I applied it near the water line it didn’t smudge or smear
It pretty much stays on throughout the day but obviously it won’t survive the  i-am-really-sleepy-so-i-am-rubbing-my-eyes kind of thing. It doesn’t smear on application of water but I wouldn’t really call it water proof. Removing it is not something you need to put too much effort into. A simple eye makeup remover will do the job. 

My final verdict is that it’s nothing extraordinary. I wouldn’t say I am disappointed with it because it’s a nice eyeliner and the quality is decent but considering it’s not available in India and you have to pay shipping for it, I would put it in the good to have category rather than the must have one. 

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