Biotique Bio Almond & Cashew Fresh Replenishing Serum: Review

Sometimes i feel that the only reason I go to airports early is to get my hands on some duty free stuff. On some instances however, while I am on my way, I remember I have forgotten to pack something and the we are on a airport hunt to find the missing item. The latter happened during my last trip to Goa and I forgot to carry a hair serum out of all things. I obviously did a frantic search for a serum so that I could avoid the frizzy beach hair at all cost. The search led me to the Biotique counter and had to pick up the Biotique Bio Almond & Cashew Fresh Replenishing Serum.


Price: Rs 143 for 40 ml


The Biotique Bio Almond & Cashew Fresh Replenishing Serum comes in a generic Biotique packing of a transparent white plastic bottle and a screw on plastic cap. Packaging is pretty straightforward and there is nothing fancy about it. Travelling with the little bottle is easy to but getting the product out of the bottle is a little difficult. Sometimes you do not get enough product out and then you end up taking more than you need.


Texture & Product

The serum is white colored gel. The serum looks more like frozen coconut oil in a gel form and it changes into a clear liquid when its warmed up.  The upside of the texture is that the product spreads very easily on hair.

The serum smells quite herbal but its not to strong so my sensitive nosed friends can take a sigh of relief. The fragrance does linger for a few minutes post application.


My Experience

Talking about the results, to be frank, it did nothing for my hair. I applied it on wet hair for the first time – no result. My hair were dry and frizzy when they dried. When I then tried applying it on dry hair, the serum did work for an hour post which my hair became a frizz ball.

I also tried taking different quantity of the product, hoping to make it work but I was left completely disappointed. I eventually had to buy another bottle of hair serum at Goa and this has just bee lying around in my vanity.

Final Verdict

I was utterly and completely disappointed with this product. I have tried everything to make it work but it does nothing. Thankfully this was an inexpensive product s I did not have too much regret buying it.

Have you used the Biotique Bio Almond & Cashew Fresh Replenishing Serum?

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