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Birthday Brunch @ The Project, Hauz Khas

So it was my birthday on 13th May and if you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat, you would know I decided to spend this birthday in Dharamshala. But when I came back the first thing I did was to meet my friends because they going away for higher studies in a few days so our outing was kind of my birthday celebration as well as a small farewell of sorts . 
The venue of this very special brunch was The Project in Hauz Khas. Hauz Khas is definitely one of my top choices when it comes to visiting a restaurant especially for a lazy casual Sunday brunch. I find that Hauz Khas has this perfect balance of the modern urban vibes and the calming beauty from the surrounding lake and The Project definitely is a good example of what I just said. This newly opened restaurant is located inside the Deer Park and has an indoor as well an outdoor section overlooking the huge park so don’t be to surprised if you see a deer hop by while you are enjoying your meal.

The ambiance in the indoor section is very modern and appealing. The indoor has been divided two more section- the bar and the dining area. We decided to sit inside as it was particularly hot that day and as the whole restaurant has glass walls so there was no guilt of missing the view.

The quirky tablemats

Our meal began with some interesting cocktails from the drinks section.  While I decided to skip my favorite LIIT and go for Green Apple & Cinnamon Martini for a change, my friend N ordered the Frozen Island and our dear good boy or as we like to call him the “Shareef Bacha” K ordered the same old Virgin Mojito. Even though I liked the aroma of cinnamon in the green apple and cinnamon martini, I would have to say I preferred frozen island which was basically a vodka based ginger slushee. It was absolutely chilled so drinking it after you have just felt 40 plus degree temperature felt like heaven and the combination of ginger and mint was absolutely divine. I am really fond of ginger so I pretty much drank more than half of N’s drink but if you are not a ginger fan then it might prove a little overpowering.

Green Apple & Cinnamon Martini

Frozen Island

For starters we ordered the dips or mezze platter, the mozzarella bombs and the murg potli. The mozerella bombs were the first to arrive and even though they looked great but I found them to be a little flat. When I had ordered the mozzarella bombs, I was expecting lots of cheese inside with a very crisp panko outer covering but unfortunately the outer layer had lost its crispiness till the time they reached our table. Also, the mozzarella was supposed to be the star of this dish but the quantity of cheese inside was so menial that it felt like you were eating potato bombs.

Mozzarella Bombs

The meeze platter and the murg potli on the other hand were absolutely delicious. The murg potli was basically chicken breast stuffed with lamb mince. I loved the idea of using chicken breast as a shell to fill the lamb mince and the taste so good that I think my fellow non-vegetarian K only got a bite or two from the whole serving.  The platter was definitely the star of the whole meal. It came with hummous, moutabel, beetroot tzatziki, and beanstabule which was accompanied by salad, falafel, cute little triangle shaped cheese rolls and fresh pita bread.  I think we gobbled everything down within a matter of minutes.

Murg Potli

For the mains, I wanted to try a pizza as this restaurant has a huge custom made wood fire oven so we decided to go with our servers recommendation and ordered the Rocket & Prosciutto Pizza along with the Chicken Burger. I loved the straight out of the oven light and crispy thin crust of the pizzas. I am usually not a fan of vegetarian pizzas but in this case the slight bitterness of the Parmesan cheese complemented the nice nutty flavor of the olives and the mild sourness of the tomato sauce really well.

Rocket & Prosciutto Pizza

Chicken Burger

The chicken burger turned out to be another good recommendation. The patty was cooked to perfection yet it was very moist and juicy which is any chicken lovers delight. Add to that some spicy garlic sauce, a little bit chipotle ketchup and some very crispy onion rings so basically I had a nice satisfying burger in front of me.

We ordered some more drinks with the mains as well. I decided to try the Orange and Celery Margarita while N went for Watermelon and Mint Mojito. This time I was pretty happy with my own drink. I love citrusy drinks so margaritas are usually a favorite however most places try to balance the sourness of tequila and triple sec by making the syrup little too sweet. Thankfully, the bartender and The Project knows what he is doing and I had a fresh glass of citrusy goodness though the only complain I have is that I did not really taste the celery in the drink. The watermelon Mojito on the other hand turned out to be disappointment this time because just too sweet and I think a little overboard with watermelon chunks in the drink.

Orange and Celery Margarita ( and my friend N in the background)

Watermelon and Mint

Next it was time my favourite part of the meal and that is obviously desserts. While I was tempted to order something out of the dessert pizza menu, I honestly any space left so instead I ordered the Coconut Pannacotta and the Chocolate Chunk Bread Pudding. I was looking forward to the chocolate chunk bread pudding for obvious reasons but the strawberry cognac sauce was a little to strong and completely overpowered the taste of the chocolate bread pudding. 

Coconut Pannacotta

Chocolate Chunk Bread Budding

I always judge pannacottas on three things- It should not have a jelly like texture, it should be creamy, it should be light so basically the texture should be like a pudding but lighter. The Coconut Pannacota checked every point on my “ideal pannacota” checklist and was the perfect end to our meal.

Coming to the service, I would have to say that there is a scope for improvement. The service was a little slow, one of our servers was a little confused about the menu and our meal was interrupted quite a number of time because the servers kept arguing among themselves. Now I know its a busy place and there is bound to be confusion but I think management should ensure that  such outburst are restricted to the kitchen or the service area. Having said that, the overall meal was an absolute hit with me and my friends so I do plan to go back to try their Indian menu  and ofcourse the dessert pizzas.

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