BlenderCleanser Solid Cleanser: Review

One of the things I hate the most about makeup is washing and keeping my makeup accessories clean. You know everyone has that chair in their room where they dump all their dirty laundry and this chair gets tortured with the huge load of clothes till the time you have no fresh clothes to wear, well I have this brush holder that keeps getting filled to the point where the holder is holding on to its dear life, more brushes are falling outside the holder than what are inside and well I have no spare brushes to apply my makeup. That is when I drag myself out of my bed to prepare a nice cosy bath for my brushes with a bunch of products like baby oil, body wash and conditioner. While I can’t really get out of the cleaning the brushes, one product that really helps to make the process a little less painful is the Blender Cleanser Solid which is basically makeup sponge and brush cleaner created by the Original Beauty Blender company.

Price: $16 for 29 gms

The Beauty Blender Cleanser comes in a small white tub that has a screw on cap. Once you open the cap, you have this pink brush cleanser that has a cute butterfly cut out on it and below that cleanser is you have a white soap like product. The packaging is easy to use, pretty sturdy and quite easy to travel with.

Using the cleanser is pretty easy and you just have to wet the brushes, twist and rub your brush to get the cleanser on the brushes , lather it up using the cleanser tool that comes with it or if you have a brush cleaning egg or glove and then just wash it off. The sponge is a little tricky and tedious but I just wet the sponge, rolled it around on the soap , lather it up like I did for the brushes and then squeeze it out under running water. The reason I call it tedious is because I need to repeat this process a couple of times before my sponge gets all clean and shiny.

Even though the cleanser is supposed to work for beauty blenders, I have observed that it cleans my brushes better than my sponges. I initially though that it was because the sponge I was trying to clean was a bit dense but I used the cleanser on a beauty blender as well and got the same results.  Nevertheless it has made my brush cleaning exercise such an effortless job that I kind of look forward to cleaning them now.

Another issue that I have is that the soap is stuck to the jar which is helpful in terms of the fact that it remains in one place when I am cleaning my makeup accessories but the downside is that once I am done with cleaning my brushes, I have no way to ensure that the soap and the tub is clean.

All in all, I like the cleanser soap and it has made my life easy but it’s pretty weird that it cleans my brushes better than my sponges. It is an expensive product but I think the effort it saves me is worth the extra bucks. Availability is an issue so keep an eye out for friends and relatives flying to India to get your hands on this amazing product.