Book Review: A Perfect Murder: and Other Stories by S.R. Nair

I can never resist good short stories because for me short stories are one of the most difficult genres to perfect in the world of literature. To my pleasant surprise, I received a copy of this book of short stories with a plain green cover which was quite unusual because I have rarely seen books with plain cover so I was left even more intrigued.


The book begins with the story of The Perfect Murder which is a story of a divorcee who plans the murder of her father and frames a local guy for the same. This is followed by a couple of other short stories which are either based on characters from India or America.

Each story focuses on a different aspect of our culture and most of them highlight the treatment of women in our society. The language is pretty straight forward and the narration for most of the stories moves in a decent pace. 

Whenever I pick up short stories, I do expect them to be exceptionally good and capture all the emotions a character can have in a few pages but unfortunately this book failed to impress me. I am not saying that the stories are not worth a read but none of the stories had anything remarkable, instead I felt that I had read comparable stories before. I am not dismissing the whole book because there were stories like “iPad” in the book that touched my heart but I can’t say the same for the rest of the stories.

Overall, I think that the author did need to work a little bit more on the book because at present most of the stories are unable to create an impression on the readers. Some of the stories are worth a read so if you decide to pick a copy you can read the ones you like and skip the others.