Book Review: A Window Seat by Vishala Katta

A beautiful blurb and a stunning cover are more than enough incentives for some one like me to pick up a new book for reading. A Window Seat by Vishala Katta had both so it was kind of a no brainer to decide to spend some time on the story to see if it meets the expectation set by the previous two conditions.


A Window Seat is the story of Stanlin, a dying corporate professional who escapes into a train to somewhere but finds himself becoming a storyteller of old mythological tales. During his train journey, he meets Hari who is ten-year-old Hari looking for his parents he lost in the trains. Together their adventures lead them to debating with priests, dancing with eunuchs, sharing meals and conversing casually about death with random strangers. Between all these adventures, they bump into Kuhu who is a runaway wife taking her first train towards the city of her dreams to become an actress.

The author has developed each and every character with a lot of finesse and these characters made the reading experience a beautiful journey. The story is different from the usual girl meets boy and falls in love plot and the narration forces you to think with all the indication of reading between the lines. The author is definitely a wizard with words because she penned down some beautiful lines which I kept going back to even after I read the book.

Even though there are three stories going on at once, you don’t feel overwhelmed at any point of time while reading the book. The pace of the story is pretty balanced with enough space for each character. Overall, the story is believable, even relatable at places.

I think the highlight of the book was the end. I for one am a fan of open endings but open endings are always tricky to master so kudos to the author for giving a satisfying end to the book. To conclude, I would just it is a brilliant read and definitely not something you usually see from a debut Indian writer. Enjoyed reading every page of the story and looking forward to reading more of the author’s work in the future. COML would recommend you guys to pick a copy the next time you are looking for a good read.