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Book Review: And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

The first Khaled Hosseini novel I read was A Thousand Splendid Suns and yes it blew me away completely. Next was The Kite Runner which was another book that I  still hold on to and find myself reading on a lazy Sunday. And a few weeks back, I was finally able to pick the latest book by this amazing writer…And The Mountains Echoed. I obviously had a lot of expectations from this book considering the experience I had with its predecessor. 
Unlike his previous book that had a couple of central characters and the whole book was about them, Khaled Hosseini took a different approach this time. In And The Mountains Echoed, each chapter has new characters and a new story. It might sound very confusing but when you reach the end of the book, you realise how beautifully the author has seamed together each chapter into one amazing story.
There are a few instances where you are left teary eyed and stories where the characters make you question your own self. For instance, there is a story about an American doctor who visits Afghanistan and is completely taken aback by the conditions of the place and the suffering of the people who live there. He even makes promises to do whatever he can to turn things around before he leaves. However, once he moves back to his comfortable life, he completely and conveniently forgets about the whole thing becoming sort of numb to all the suffering he saw. I was suddenly reminded of the a few incidents that happened in the past year and how angry I felt but quickly forgot about it as time passed and honestly I was left a little ashamed of myself. Having said that, this is actually what I love about this author. His writing has a way to captivated your attention, touch your heart and force you to think and there are not many authors out there who are able to do this with their words.
To  honest, when I started reading the book, I found the format of different chapters very distracting however slowly as read on, I was able to understand what a brilliant job the author had done. All I would say is add this book to your reading list, be a little patient when you read it, keep it down when you feel overwhelmed but don’t forget to pick it up again till you finish it because its a hell of read.