Book Review: Beneath A Rougher Sea Book by Susmita Bagchi

Mental health is quite a difficult topic to discuss in the society we live in. While any other kind of an ailment is met with sympathy, any kind of mental ailment is met with disgust, shame and superstitious solutions. In such an environment, it is pretty rare to come across a book that highlights the plight of a patient suffering from mental illness but also discusses what their family goes through so I am glad I picked up Beneath A Rougher Sea by Susmita Bagchi

This is the story of Aditya, a psychiatrist with a very successful practice. Aditya is doing well with his clinic, helping his patients while leading a normal personal life with his wife. His relatively normal life becomes turbulent as Deepa, his first love returns to his life with her son Raj who needs treatment following his father’s death.  During the course of Raj’s recovery and eventual departure from his life, Aditya starts suffering from a weird sense of isolation, personal and professional failure and loss.

The characters in the book are pretty relatable and their emotions seem genuine. The writing is simple and describes most medical issues professionally without making it to technical to understand. The narration is brisk but gives the reader time to understand and absorb the emotions described by the words.

The highlight of the book was that it has such a refreshing approach towards mental health while describing accurately the current stigma attached to the same. One can judge the amount of research the author has done to get the details right and those details make it an interesting read.

All in all, I loved how the book reflects the reality of certain issues while ending on an optimistic note. Also, even though I found the cover to be beautiful even before I read the book, I saw it in a completely different light after reading the whole story. Definitely recommend you to pick a copy if you are looking for a good read to add to your reading list.