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Book Review: The Bluest Marble by Vipin Kumar

I always like a book with a cover or title that forces me to guess what the story could be about before I read the blurb. The Bluest Marble was a book that had both…an interesting cover and a very interesting title. As soon as I read the title, the wheels of my mind started rolling…what could the book be about…maybe a tragic know we usually play with marbles as kids or maybe the book has a supernatural angle. Finally when I had thought about every possible story that could revolve around a blue marble, I finally started reading the book. Was I able to guess the story or did the book surprise me completely? Read on to find out 🙂
The book is Aditya, a boy who comes from a very humble family in Delhi. He has a good job as an investment banker, a bike he loves and this typical bachelors pad that he shares with his college buddies, Rakes and Jitu. All is well, until he falls in love only to loose the girl, then loose his job, followed by loosing the friends he had and finally loosing the respect and support he had from his family. 
Aditya finally rediscovers himself in a place where he least expects to- a mental hospital. I will not go into too much detail but this is truly the best part of the book. He realises what he need to do and makes amends and gets his life back on track. 
I absolutely loved the narrative and the attempt he made at writing a different story. The narrative does become a little slow at places but overall the book maintains a good pace. Character development is decent. The only thing that I did not like about the book were the conversations that Aditya had with his bike and when he was hallucinating about his ex girlfriend as they become repetitive and boring. However, the book and the story recovers towards the end and that is another high point of the book.
I would say that the book is good one time read. The author does have a brilliant mind in terms of coming up with a different idea however the execution part needs a little improvement for the writing to have the desired effect. The writing is good but brevity is missing and I am hoping that I would see a more crisp narration in the next book.

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