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Book Review: Body Offering by Makarand R. Paranjape

I know it has been a while since I reviewed a book and no its not because I have stopped reading them…its because I took a little longer than usual to finish the book I was reading. I am not bragging but I have an amazing pace when it comes to reading so most of the time I finish books in a couple of days…but when I started reading Body Offering,  I instantly knew in order to completely understand the book…I will have to take it slow.
Body Offering explores the relationship between two people, Sunayana and Ashok. They are two very different people from different backgrounds, an unlikely couple who enter into a sexual relationship for different reasons. Sunayana works in the publishing industry. She is an editor at a leading publishing firm. She is trying to commission a book when she meets Ashok, a reputed surgeon. Ashok is a middle aged man, and he just got out of a broken relationship. He is trying to recover from the bitter memories of his recent past. 
As far as my opinion is concerned, I have very extreme reactions to various parts of the books. There are some parts and things that I love about the book while there are definitely things that I came across that actually made it very difficult for me to continue reading it.
Ok, lets talk about the good things first….I loved the treatment of the topic of  “the other women” in the book at least in the beginning. Also, even though the book is based on the sexual relationship between the characters , the way that it has been included in the book and described is very mature. However, I am so disappointed with the fact that even though alot of topics in the book have been treated in the non-cliched way..the character of Sunayana which started as this bold and independent girl did became the  typical other woman in the latter half of the book.
As I mentioned it became very difficult to keep reading the book at a lot of places and that because you feel that the author is trying too hard. There is just too much going on a particular page and at times I found myself going through things again and again just to understand what the author is trying to convey and how would that fit in the complete picture. At the end , I was left confused and lost at a lot of places and I think reading this book requires too much effort and the joy that you expect to get after putting in this effort is just not there.
To be honest, this book is not everyone’s cup of tea. It took me a while to complete reading and I am usually very happy when I finish a book but this book left me exhausted.