Book Review: Chronicles of Urban Nomads

I am a big fan of short stories and in my opinion penning down a story in a couple of pages is much more difficulty than writing a whole novel so everything I get the chance to read one I jump on it. The latest addition to my short story collection is the Chronicles of Urban Nomad.


The book is divided into two sections- Imagine and Musings.Imagine is a collection of 9 stories through the eyes of certain things,phenomenal and feelings while Musings are short stories people and their relationships. Most stories have been written by debut writers and each story is preceded by a small introduction of the author to help you know them better.

As far as I am considered, the best way I see to describe the book is like this box of chocolate with mixed flavours. You try each one and then there are some flavours you love, some you like and well some you just do not sit well with you. There are some stories that make you turn back pages and read them again, some remind you of something you have read before somewhere and some simply disappoint you.

Some of my favorite stories are Confessions of a Benarasi Sari by Ayan Pal which is a beautiful story of a wedding in a typical bengali household narrated by a stunning benarasi sari. The next story that I went back to read was The Blue Slippers by Kirthi Jayakumar which is a story of two friends seen through the eyes of a camera. Shackled Destiny by Sharavya Gunipudi, a heart breaking story of a distraught mother and Finding Mia’ by Roopa Raveendran-Menon

Some other stories that left an impression were A Little Nugget of Fear by Deepti Menon , EFIL by Bhaswar Mukherjee, The Wait by Akshay Abbhi and The Last Letter by Dipankar Mukherjee. Rest of the stories were pretty predictable to say the least and there is no joy in reading a story when you know what the next page is going to bring with it.

I wouldn’t dismiss the whole book as passable because it has some really good short stories which I enjoyed reading so much so that I went back to read a few of them after I finished the book but I would have to say I was left a little disappointed with the overall quality of the stories. I would have appreciated if the collection of the stories had a similar standard in terms of the quality of writing and the ones mentioned in the post are definitely worth a read.