Book Review: The Einstein Prophecy by Robert Masello

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything in the books section for a few months now. To be honest, I had pretty much stopped reading anything new for a while because I was not happy with the kind of books out there. I was reading but I went back to some of my favorite classics to detox my mind from all the crappy and shallow stuff I was reading for almost a year.

I knew I had to pick up something good once I was done with my detox phase and the fact that my husband decided to gift me a kindle last month proved to be an additional motivation. After scrolling around for hour, I finally zeroed onto Robert Masello’s The Einstein Prophecy. I have been quite fascinated with the history of World Wars lately so I was curious to see a fictional twist on such a dramatic and sad part of our history.

The Plot

The Einstein Prophecy starts is the story of an art history professor, Lucas Athans who serves during World War II in Europe and is assigned with another soldier to recover precious art that have been looted by the Nazis from various parts of Europe, Middle East and Africa. The two of them are given directions to an iron mine outside Strasborg, Germany in 1944 where they discover a sarcophagus but the discovery is followed by a freak explosion that ends their expedition abruptly.Post the accident, Lucas finds himself adjusting to the civilian life at Princeton University, where he finds himself investigating the origin of the same sarcophagus along with an Egyptian professor and her father. He also gets acquainted with  Professor Albert Einstein, the most who is supposedly enjoying a nice retired life in the Princeton Campus. Lucas soon finds out that there is more to what meets the eye with not only the sarcophagus but with the retirement life Einstein has been leading.

My Review

I liked quit a few things about the book that I really liked. The language for one is simple and the narration is flawless. There are multiple sub plots but narration ensures that you are transported from one sub plot to another without any confusion. The research done by the author to explore relationship between Einstein and his peers like Kurt Goedel, Robert Oppenheimer, Bertram Russell and other famous scientist is visible in the writing. I always feel that good research is an essential component when an author is trying to add a fictional twist to a historical incident and this book doesn’t disappoint in that area.

The book did end up getting alot of things wrong as well and being a history enthusiasts after a few errors, I was a little annoyed but decided to go on because of the overall writing. The second half of the book looses its pace and I ended up become a little impatient but thankfully it regained my interest in the last few chapters.

Final Verdict

Overall, I did like he book even though my interest dropped for a few chapter. It is a good piece of writing that mixes history and fiction pretty well. The overall supernatural angle to the story was a nice addition and I particularly appreciate the fact that the supernatural component was added without any additional or unrealistic dramatic narration. The biggest strength of The Einstein Prophecy is the narration which takes you through the whole journey of one of the major events of World War II in a smooth manner.

Have you read The Einstein Prohecy?

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