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Book Review: Falling In Love Again- Stories of Love and Romance by Ruskin Bond

This is going to be a very simple book review…I don’t even think I need to review something written by Ruskin Bond because honestly who would care to read what a 24 year old thinks about the timeless short stories written by Ruskin Bond.
I have heard and read alot of Ruskin Bond short stories growing up and some of them were in the book so I had a great time reading them again and remembering when and where I had read them the first time. Ruskin Bond is the master of short stories, so his treatment story was flawless.The writing and the narration is beautiful and I finished the book with a smile on my face. I even found myself picking up the book and re-reading alot of stories particularly on those hectic work days. 

Obviously I loved the book. It took me back to some fond memories and well I came across some new stories to. Just pick this one up, even if you are not a big romantic…just pick it up to enjoy Ruskin Bond’s amazing work.