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Book Review: The (in)eligible Bachelors by Ruchita Misra

I rarely buy books these days as the table besides my bed is already full of the ones I have received for reviews however once in a blue moon I get intrigued to read the work of an author and do some book shopping. I came across The (In)Eligible Bachelors and its sequel on a relative’s Facebook timeline as the author is her friend. The relative in question had a lot of good things to say about both the books and she has a very similar to taste to mine plus the blurb sounded promising and the cover looked interesting so I decided I should give it a go. 

Arranged marriages are a huge part of the Indian culture and just like as the clock struck midnight and Cinderella turned back into a housemaid from a beautiful princess, when Indian girls turn 20 something it looks like for their parents they become neon signs that read “Grooms Wanted”. Obviously when you add elements like good educational as well as social pedigree along with alignment of stars, horoscopes, castes and ‘gotras’, you have one big ugly and messy situation in your hand. Kasturi, an MBA finds herself in this mess as her overbearing mother decides that Kasturi should get married and starts looking for rich IIT/IIM boy for her. 
Kasturi protests only to be sucked into the trap of the never ending emotional blackmail that her mother throws her way in a nano second whenever Kasturi decided to speak her mind and finds herself meeting these filthy rich but completely weird so called ” Mr. Right(s)” her mother has shortlisted for her. In the course of this groom shortlisting, Kasturi joins a new job, where she becomes friends with Ananya and Varun and falls head over heels for her extremely good-looking boss Rajeev. So now she is handling her mom who sends her on blind dates with weirdos while she is kind of dating her hot boss who to her surprise shock finds her attractive as well. The rest of the story is about decided who’s Mr Right for Kastheturi, Rajeev or one of the guys her mother has shortlisted for her.

In terms of the language, this book is a typical “metro read” or “chick lit” with exceptionally simple language. The narration is a little confusing because in the middle of nowhere the narrative takes form of diary entries leaving me a little confused. The pace of the narrative is decent however the sudden change in the narrative did throw me off a little.

The character development is much better than the narrative. Almost every girl who comes from a typical Indian household will be able to see a part of their mother in Kasturi’s mom and sympathize with Kasturi as she meets the various guys her mother finds for her.

The plot is definitely predictable with a little bit of humor here and there and loads of scenes right out of a masala hindi movie. I think the only parts of the book I enjoyed were the ones where she was interviewing the guys and the conversation between Kasturi and her mom. The rest of the book was pretty run of the mill.

Overall, its an average one time read. I think the whole story had a lot of scope of turning into an interesting plot and I would have loved if the author had introduced more “weirdos”.  I was left a little disappointed as I was hoping a little more humor and maybe a plot with a twist but if have a overbearing mom, or is going through the arranged marriage process or enjoys typical masala movies would enjoy this book.

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