Book Review: An Invisible Client by Victor Methos

While I had hoped to read a certain number of books this year which I failed to do by the way but my sabbatical did push me a lot towards my goal number. I am hoping to flood the blog with a few book reviews the next few days starting with Victor Methos’s An Invisible Client.

An Invisible Client is the story of a high-flying, personal injury lawyer, Noah Bryce who has made a living out of out of court settlements. He is a workaholic, wealthy, successful and pretty much the best lawyer out there. He has only one rule, to make money and not waste time on clients that wouldn’t make him some. He does decide to make an exception to his rule when his ex-wife asks him to take the case of her cousin whose son is poisoned after taking a cough medicine promoted by a company called Pharma-K. The boy is on his deathbed and pretty much a death wish for a small company like Noah’s but there is something about the case which prevents him from dismissing it.

Even though the plot was quite predictable, I loved the way the author narrated it. The narration has a nice pace and the twists and turns in the story kept me on my toes till the last page. The narration was supported by an extremely good character development. Unlike a lot of books that I have read where the protagonist develops a conscious abruptly, the author took his time to evolve Noah’s change of heart. The other characters have also been given sufficient space in the story so that the reader can understand their impact on Noah’s life.

The writing style did evolve to become more confident after a few chapters particularly in explaining the legal parlances which makes since as the author is a lawyer. Language is pretty straight forward and ensures that all the legal technicalities do not leave the reader baffled. Another highlight of the writing style was the fact that there was balance between the technical information while capturing the emotions to keep the reader engaged.

Overall, An Invisible Client was an amazing read with a nice plot, amazing characters and an interesting writing style and I would recommend it to anyone who likes law based dramas.

Which is your favorite book based on legal drama ?

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