Book Review: Kabeer in Korporates by Gurucharan Singh Gandhi

My journey into new genre continues with the self-help category. I picked up Kabeer In Korporates from the list of books Leadstart Publishing shared with me for two reasons. The first one being what I mentioned in the first line of the post and the second one was that I have just started working at a managerial role so I was pretty curious to read the tips and tricks in the book.


Kabeer in Korporates aims to address the trials and tussles of the workplace faced by the modern-day employee, using Kabeer’s philosophies. The author has discussed various aspects of working life, like the balance between success and joy, the tension between methods and results, the impasse between choosing the right coach and being the right coach, decrypting the enigma called leadership and dealing with things while dealing with the self.

One of the factors that add to my effort to stay away from the self-help sections is that most books have ideas that are too idealistic for their own good and have little or no practical use.I was kind of expecting something similar in this books as well but was left surprised with the simple yet practical approach the author has taken to address corporate conflict scenarios. Examples are pretty straightforward, minus excessive drama and most of the suggested solutions make sense.

Kabeer’s dohas and philosophies were usually taught as a benchmark for character traits but this is the first time I have read a management based interpretation for it. I was familiar with a couple of them so it was interesting to read them again and then relate them to experiences in a professional environment. I would not say it is some kind of a corporate bible but yes major part of the book makes alot of sense so if you are into self-help books and looking for a little help in the management section then this book is a good option.