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Book Review: Kamadeva, The God of Desire by Anuja Chandramouli

And its raining re-interpretations of Indian mythology on this blog. I have had mixed experiences with this genre…some re-interpretations made my day while the others made me want to run away from the book as fast as I can. The reason I decided to review Kamadeva, The God of Desire was that I don’t think I have heard any major stories about him. All I know that he is the cupid or God of love and that is it.
The book as the title indicates, the book is all about Kamadeva. His birth, his life, the mistake he commits, his achievements, his death, rebirth and finally his death as mortal. As I mentioned before, I haven’t really read alot about Kamadeva in terms of mythology so I was definitely interested in the sequence of events of his life. The events have been described with a lot of detail which I observed as I researched events after reading them in the book.So in terms of research, the author gets a big pat on the back from me. 
Narration however is a little confusing. I know its a real challenge to narrate Indian mythology systematically but the issue here is that there are just too many sub plots and stories so somewhere in the middle of the book, the star-Kamadeva gets ignored. I could have worked with with the multiple sub plots if they were related to Kamadeva but alot of stories are from other scriptures and distracts you.
When I had reviewed Anuja’s first book, I had mentioned how I appreciated that she kept the language pretty straightforward but I think in this book she took a little far. The language is simple however its too casual at a lot of occasions and even though I know its a modern interpretation of the Indian mythology but there is a certain kind of vocabulary we expect so reading a crude word like “stupid” or “I will not be anybody’s bitch” just feels odd to me. 
I’ll have to say I have mixed feelings about the book. I found it intriguing because of my limited knowledge about our love god however I do feel the book is a little long and the narration looses track after like the first 150 pages. Basically it could have been a great read if the length had been a little shorter and the narration a little more crisp. You can ahead and pick it up if you are like me and don’t know much about Kamadeva.
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