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Book Review: Metamorphing by Kunal Pancholi

The title of this book kind of got my brains running because the cover indicated a murder mystery however the title- Metamorphing ( is that even a word? I know metamorphosing..) was talking about something else all together. I have learnt to keep my doubts in check whenever I am picking up a new book as some them turned out to be quite a surprise so with high hopes and curious mind I began reading this book. Now that I have finally finished it…let me share my review with you 🙂
The story has two important characters- Rohan & Rudra. Rohan- a guy who lives under shadow of this inferiority complex he has due to his height. Rudra on the other hand is painted as the strong protagonist between the two characters and the complete opposite of what you would think about Rohan. He is a detective who has lost all his memory after an accident.
I would definitely like to give credit to the author for maintaining a certain clarity in the narration even though he went back and forth between the lives of Rohan and Rudra. In the past, this kind of a narration had left me very confused and completely lost.  Also, he has given equal time to both the characters so you don’t really feel that one of them gets ignored.
The language is pretty simple, the story has a good pace , the plot is not perfect but its pretty decent and the author has been able to maintain the tempo of the suspense till the very last chapter. I do however believe the character development could have been a little better and there were alot of gaps in the story that could have been avoided. 
Nonetheless, I was not disappointed after reading the book and  the author has done a good job considering he introduced a not so usual twist in the middle of the story but he was able to justify the twist and he did use it well to weave the story together.
My final verdict would be that its not one of the best novels that I have read in the past few days but its definitely worth a read. 
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