Book Review: Musing Of Desire by Amit Radha Krishna Nigam

I have always envied people who are able to write and even more envious of poets. There is something about poetry that is beautiful because they can summarise a whole story in just maybe a couple of lines. I haven’t read anything related to poetry for a very long time so Musing Of Desire by Amit Radha Krishna Nigam was something I was looking forward to read.


Musings of Desire is divided into 12 different sections, each touching a different aspect of life. The book begins with ”Not Sonnets” which comprises of multiple 4 liner sonnets followed by  the section, ”Musings of Desire” which reminds you of the feeling of being in love and then loosing it. The next section  ”By The Docks” talks about places and the stories of those places. ”Our World” is more about discovering his identity in the world he is from, ”From The Book of Poetry” relates life to poetry,  ”From The Book of Krishna” adds a religious angle  while ”Untitled” talks about feelings. ”My Heart Cries Today” and ”Musings of Obituaries” are about loved ones and people lost, ”The nature of a Seeker”  describes a man and his dream, in ”From the Notebook” the author is speaking to himself inspiring himself each day using the notes and the last section, ” Some SONGS and VERSES” gives you the perfect ending to the beautiful reading experience you have with this book.

There are two things that I really liked about the book- one, that the poems are simple and do not leave you with the feeling that you have to re-read to understand it and the next reason being that each section has a different tone which prevents the reading experience to become monotonous.

I am aware that poetry is not everybody’s cup of tea but I would still urge you to take a glance at this book, the next time you are in the store and maybe even pick a copy to spend a nice evening filled with beautiful words.