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Book Review: The Redeemers by Suresh Taneja

A few days back I saw the posters of this new party all
around the city.  Some of them were
talking about their election symbol and the others bad mouthing the current
government. I couldn’t help but think that was this the sole reason behind the participation
of certain people in the recent movement against corruption that took the
whole country by a storm and then died like nothing ever happened.
It was around this time that I picked up “The Redeemers” by
Suresh Taneja. I was really looking forward to reading the book since the day I
read the blurb the author had sent me because I was quite curious to know more
about what the author claimed to be an actual and sustainable solution to the
problem of corruption.
The story revolves around 4 teenaged friends who are on
their annual vacation with their families. Little did they know that this vacation would become the turning point in their lives. Due to a series of
events, it dawned upon them that corruption and malpractices had become rampant
and deeply ingrained in India’s culture. They feel anguished and shocked at the
shameful state of affairs and pledge to redeem and change the destiny of their
While the blurb was really promising, unfortunately the
story failed to deliver as far as my expectations were considered. I was really
impressed with the solution offered in the book and I completely agreed with
the fact it could actually work. The problem was the way that it was presented.
I wish the author had taken a different approach in terms of narration,
characters and the conversations in the story as for people to accept a
particular idea it is very important they can relate to it and for me, the
story and the characters were too good to be true and left me a little
The first few pages of the book are always very crucial as
they are the key to ignite the interest required to read the rest of the story.
Here the story began in 2030, where the situation of our country was all hunky dory
and not something I could relate to, so as a result of it took an effort to
read further.
Secondly, I have to say I felt a little irritated to read
terms like G4 (Gang of Four), G3 (Gang of Three) and G6 (Gang of Six) and
childhood friends repeatedly in the book and even at places where the
conversation was supposed to be formal. Also the fact that everybody spoke in
chorus and that nobody disagreed with each other even though so many people
were involved was quite surprising for me. The author also gave this elaborate
family tree in the beginning but half of the characters did not have any
importance in the story.
To summarise, the book has a sound foundation in terms of
the idea behind it but I definitely wish the execution of the idea was little
better. I would give it a 6/10  solely
for the solution provided in it . The author definitely deserves credit for coming up
with a solution that makes sense and can get the desired results but I would
have enjoyed the book more if he was as practical with story as he was with the
Special note to the author
I really appreciate you for contacting me and sending me your
book for review, but I do not appreciate the fact that the book had stains all
over it. I request you to not send me any of your future publications because I will
not review them as I do not believe in putting in my effort and my time
for people who do not respect it.

Thanks you.