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Book Review: Slow…by Digonta Bordoloi

A few weeks back I received this book with a dull colorless cover and a pretty unique name- Slow…You imagine a lot about the story when you read the title for the first time..maybe its about the slow pace of the rural life or a rural boy who is not able to keep up with a pace of the modern world and so on. Surprisingly everything I imagined went for a toss as soon as I read the first few pages of the book as the story begins with an unborn child contemplating about his life in the womb. 
Slow… is the story of Baba. The second child of Mukul and Ambika and brother to Riku, Baba is born the remote corner of Assam in India. While Baba grows up, his father’s job takes the family from town to town, and with each move, Baba comes to terms with his new life.He spends an idyllic childhood doing things at his own pace, bending the rules whenever he can till his life takes a turn for the unthinkable and everything changes.
As I mentioned. I did find the first part of the story pretty interesting. It told us all about Baba, his family , how he was different than his friends, his family and found joy in doing things at his own leisure and pace. A lot of instances in the book reminded me how easily we ignore certain things happening around us just because we are moving too fast.
The narration is beautifully and pretty authentic when it comes to details. Language is so simple with addition of some native words at the appropriate places. When it comes character development, I think the author got a little carried away with  it which is why towards the end of the first part, the book lost its pace.
The second part however completely redeemed the whole book. I loved the way the author highlighted the difference in the pre and post “modern” age. With Baba, you take a journey to understand the basic insecurities every human being has, the false speed, the false sense of achievement and the reality of loneliness of the face paced life.
I did not expect this but I really liked reading this novel. There were places when I thought that the story was going nowhere but the narration ensured that I kept reading only to discover what an amazing story the author was trying to share with me. 
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