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Book Review: Sorting Out Sid by Yashodhara Lal

Last year I came across a number of Indian writers who delivered some great reads and I kind of made a list of author’s to look out for. One of the top names on this list was Yashodhara Lal and as soon as I was contacted by Harper Collin asking whether I wanted to review her new book– Sorting Out Sid…I said yes even before the lady on the other side of the phone could finish her sentence :p
Sorting Out Sid is the story of Siddharth Agarwal or Sid who checks all the boxes of what we would call being a happy and successful man. He is a good looking guy, is working at a good designation with a toilet cleaner company with high prospects of getting a promotion, has a beautiful house where he lives with his beautiful and intelligent wife Mandira. He has a bunch of good friends who he hangs out with regularly. Basically he is leading a happy and comfortable life. 

Unfortunately that’s just on the surface. Sid hates his job, wants to kick his boss,  his marriage is falling apart, the only thing he like about his house the brown bean bag he bought after a zillion arguments with his wife and his friends have no clue how unhappy he is. Sid basically keeps living his “miserable” life until one fine day when everything just falls apart and then he finds himself all alone. Nope, that’s not the end of the story, its not even half of the story because after all this Sid’s life and the story takes a turn.

I love the style of writing. I have mentioned this earlier that the author has this amazing sense of humour and you can observe the same in the book. The book is full of incidents and remarks that leave you smiling even at places where the situation described is supposed to be serious. 

The narrative is crisp so you are able to just breeze through the 300 odd pages this book has. Character development is decent. You are able to understand and relate Sid and other main characters of the book however I do feel character’s like Mandira deserved a little more space in the story.

The story line is definitely a little weak and predictable but you still feel like reading it further because just like Just Married Please Excuse, the strength of the book is not the story but way the story has been presented. 

Overall, its a great read. You have a lot of Oh-This-Happened-To-Me-Too moments in the book, places where you feel like kicking Sid and parts where you feel like giving him a tight hug. 

I think Yashodhara Lal has just mastered the art of taking those little habits , conversations and incidents that happen around us all the time and seem normal and boring and adding her sense of humour to it to create a story for her readers can relate to and that would leave them laughing and remind them how some small parts of our lives are quite funny and interesting and at some level we all face same issues, dilemmas and problem.