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Book Review: The Sour Faced Moon by Rohini Lall

The book that I am going to review today came to me a Marathi new year gift from Leadstart Publishing and was a complete surprise. See usually they send me a blurb and cover of the book before sending me the book but this time was different and I was pretty excited to see what they were going to send me. The package finally arrived after a week and I found this tiny book called The Sour Faced Moon by Rohini Lall inside it. I was pretty intrigued by the title and thus decided to start reading it that very moment. I read this book twice before I writing this review…why…well I’ll tell in a little while.

The story of The Sour Faced Moon oscillates between the families of Imroz Agha Khan, who resents his prosperous Afghan forefathers and his perennial outsider status in his own homeland and Danielle Anderson, a very close friend of Imroz who had  abruptly fled from the valley only to return with her son after twelve years.

The story keeps moving from the past to the present. I found the story line to be a little predictive and borderline melodramatic. The story feels a little disconnected at places and I was left with alot of questions after I finished reading the book. Character development is decent though I do feel that the story could have been better if the author had concentrated only on the primary characters rather than the ones that were introduced a little later. 

Even though the story left me a little confused, the reason I read the book twice was that the author’s writing style left me mesmerised. She has weaved the story in a manner that ensures that you aren’t just reading the story but feeling it. I don’t remember the last time I came across a debut writer who exhibited such level of depth in her writing. Her words leave you in a state of trance and the only thing you feel like doing is to absorb the beauty of her words.

All in all, it was a pleasant read. As I mentioned, I did not like the story as much, but I felt in love with the way the author wrote it. If you want to enjoy reading this book, then my suggestion would be to treat each chapter as an individual short story and just concentrate on the writing.

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