Book Review: The Barefoot Summer by Carolyn Brown

Sometimes all you need in life is a seat by a beautiful view with a coffee mug by your side and a nice book in your hand. I have been fortunate enough to get more than my fair share of such days for the past few months and during one such session, I came across The Barefoot Summer by Carolyn Brown



The Barefoot Summer is the story of a con man, Conrad Steel who gets shot in a flower shop. While his wife Kate was not particularly in love with her late husband, she still decides to go to the funeral to get closure only to uncover the biggest con her husband pulled on her, he married two more woman. Kate, Jamie and Amanda discover that they are sister wives on the funeral of their husband and land in an impossible situation that grows worse every day as the detective investigating the murder is hell bent on establishing that one of wives is the killer

Narration & Character Development

The whole is story moves between multiple narrators including the wives and the detective. The narration is candid and the transition between the multiple protagonists is smooth. The story moves in a good pace giving insight into the life Conrad shared with each of his wives and the lives his wives had before he met them.

The character development is great for the most part but I was a little disappointed in the way character of the detective was treated. The detective started off as a very strong character in the first few chapters but was pretty much shoved to the side-lines by the time the story picked up pace.

The characters of the wives however, was developed well and with a lot of attention to details. You could understand and sympathise with the almost impossible, sometimes infuriating, sometimes hilarious situation these ladies are in.

My Review

While I love my classics but occasionally a nice light read is a good change and that is exactly what this book gave me. I loved reading each chapter and being a part of the evolution of the relationship between the three women.

I did feel a little dissatisfied in between when I realised that the investigation of the murder will take a back seat but I got over it as soon as I understood that the whole point of the murder in the story was to bring the ladies together and this book was about them.

The story has an essence of simplicity and that is what makes it beautiful. I couldn’t wait to know more about their lives and what the future had in store for them.

Final Verdict

The book was definitely one of the better works of writing I have read in the past few months. The writing and narration is unpretentious but it touches a chord with the readers and you end up getting more close to the characters than you expect.

It is one of the few books that leave you hopeful, optimistic and basically feeling warm and fuzzy inside and with a big smile on your face. Basically, something you would love t read after a long hard day.

Which is your favourite book to read after a tough day?

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