Book Review: The DEViant by Shankar S.Padmanaban

I am finally able to get through the huge and ever-growing pile of books at my bedside so you can expect lots of book reviews in the next few days. The book I am going to talk about is The DEViant by Shankar S.Padmanaban and it is not going to be a very long review.


The DEViant is the story of Sam, an engineering student and his life shuttling between the beautiful cities of Chennai, Tiruppur, Coimbatore and Bengaluru. The story talks all about Sam’s unlikely and unparalleled friendships,  board and entrance examination struggles, innocent times of uncomplicated crushes that feel like the most honest kind of love and heart breaks.

I really enjoyed the first few chapters of the book because they were like a walk down the memory lane. The description of the protagonist’s life during and after school left me reminiscing about my own school and college experiences.  Unfortunately, the “I really like this book” feeling did not last very long as the story became very predictable and repetitive. Also, I was pretty surprised to find that the character of Dev on whose name the title is based on, doesn’t appear anywhere in almost 3/4th part of the book and when he does make appearance, the focus suddenly completely shifts on to him.

The narration is decent but character development is pretty weak and to be honest after a point of time, Sam became a very annoying character who just kept whining. Alot of different aspects of a young adult’s life has been touched by the story but they seem disconnected as the plot moves forward. Finally, the end seemed pretty hasty and I just couldn’t relate to it so much so that it became a struggle to complete the last few chapters.

overall, the story began at a good pace but the author just lost me after the first 100 pages. I can see alot of influence of the author’s life in the writing but the book is filled with unnecessary details and incidents that do not connect with each other. Overall, it is a good first book and I am hoping that the author will work on the flaws in his upcoming publications.