Book Review: The Diary of a Lutyens’ Princess by Bindu Dalmia

There are two things that fascinated me about the book when I took the first look at it- one, the cover which is definitely beautiful and two the word Lutyens which is one of the most affluent addresses of the capital city.


The diary of a Lutyens’ Princess is the story of Akshra, who comes from a middle class family. The story talks about her teenage years, her college life and how she falls in love with Arnaab and ends up marrying him at a very young age against the wishes of her parents. The teenage romance is soon struck by the reality of a mundane grown up life and eventually Akshara and Arnaab decide to go their separate ways. The later part of the book is all about Akshara’s struggle to become an independent women who is all alone in a new city were the social hierarchy and atmosphere is completely different from her hometown, Kolkata. She has another tryst with love with Surya who comes from a rich, influential business family but even her second marriage does not give her the emotional stability she craves for as his family is unwilling to accept her.

The characters and certain parts of the story were pretty relatable to me having had the experience of the social etiquettes in both the cities the book is based on. I loved how the author captured the nitty-gritty of the world of the rich and famous of Lutyen Road and while some are hilarious most of them are out rightly obnoxious. The author did a good job with the narration and the language is pretty simple and straight-forward

The only issue with the book was the pace. I was hooked to the story for the first 100 or so pages and then lost interest because some details seemed redundant. To be honest, towards the end it became a little frustrating to finish the book because my interest peaked for a few pages and then the story became repetitive.

Overall, the book turned out to be an average read for me. I was thoroughly entertained by some parts but I did lose interest in the story towards the end. It is a good one time read but not something you have to pick up.